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Living the Champagne Lifestyle

For those who occasionally enjoy a relaxing drink, the quality may be the most critical aspect. Cheap wine may not appeal to all tastes, and sour whiskey can lead to an appalling hangover the next day. When it comes to cocktails, they should be a luxurious experience, not just a neon concoction that hides the lack of flavor.


When it comes to wine, the sky is the limit when it comes to the price tag. The first consideration is the choice of red or white; no matter the cost, if a person simply doesn't enjoy red wine, then a higher quality bottle won't change their mind. Some options to consider include the best cabernet sauvignon from the Heitz Cellar brand or an excellent chardonnay from the Ramey Rochioli Vineyard.


Undoubtedly, the best whiskeys are said to come from Scotland. There are some renowned classics such as Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Balvenie Caribbean Cask, and Glenlivet. They each have individual styles and may not appeal to all palates. For example, the Laphroaig has a very smoky taste, whereas the Balvenie is flavored with rum.


There are numerous famous cocktails, but their actual value rests on the quality of their individual ingredients. A classic Martini can be ruined by the use of cheap Vermouth. A Margarita requires expensive tequila with its own inimitable taste.

Rather than simply swigging cheap drinks, look for high-quality wines, whiskey, and cocktails.

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